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About me

I'm a doctoral candidate in Computer Science at the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. I work in the Social Dynamics and Wellbeing lab and am advised by Munmun De Choudhury. Previously, I was at International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad, India where I completed my undergraduate and graduate studies in Computer Science with a research specialization in Humanities.

I am broadly interested in Computational Social Science, applying methods from machine learning, statistical modeling, and natural language processing to digital trace data, to understand how social technologies affect and improve people's health and well-being. My dissertation research examines how social media supports clinical and social pathways to care for mental health. Along this exploration, I care deeply about the validity (or invalidity) of online measurements of behavior and the implications of research to all stakeholders involved.



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Download my CV here. (Updated Jan 2021)

756 West Peachtree St NW,
Atlanta, GA 30308
United States
sernala3 [at] gatech [dot] edu